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We provide clients with alternative and undiscovered capital solutions to
solve complex real estate funding needs and improve their economic outcomes.

Cadence offers the entire suite of capital markets solutions, with tools to solve every real estate funding need. However, Cadence sets itself apart by focusing on EQUITY, partnered with a robust DEBT execution platform, not vice versa. While our competitors claim they play well in the equity space, most fall short when the rubber meets the road, using equity as a “hook” for your debt/stretch senior business.  


At our heart - we are a relationship and data focused business. Equity sources are difficult to discover and even harder to contact. At Cadence, every producer and analyst helps grow our capital resources through capital intake conversations, seeking to discover each capital group’s individual investment strategy. Following each conversation, we upload an investor’s real estate strategy into our shared database and create “Tags” so the information is sortable and searchable. Finally, the information is shared across the organization. Our ever growing database is continuously updated, allowing us to not just know of a capital source but truly understand each capital provider’s requirements, even as those desires evolve. This ensures a sponsor’s deal is shown to the right investor and our capital sources are shown targeted deal flow, not a blast. We do not send blasts. This custom process is better for you, the deal, and appreciated by our capital relationships.


$16MM LP Equity - Sarasota, FL


$10MM LP Equity - Houston, TX


We will say it - raising equity is hard and not for the faint of heart. As a result, few groups take up the mantle while even fewer execute on it. We believe this has created a gap in the market. A gap for a group dedicated to digging below the surface and beyond the list of ‘usual suspects.’ While we certainly won’t exclude these groups from our search, we realize there is a sea of family offices, insurance companies, regional and local private equity groups all looking for opportunities. Identifying these under the radar groups is where Cadence Capital Partners excels. With each Cadence member dedicated to not only expanding the database but sharing the information company-wide. Our philosophy focuses on the greater good and a rising tide raises all boats - as such, there is no ‘capital turf’ and producer collaboration is encouraged.

A Key to Every Real Estate Door

Based on our outreach program, we have established equity relationships seeking platform investments, Co-GP opportunities, secondaries/recapitalizations, Preferred equity and LP common equity, for both one-off and programmatic joint-ventures. Moreover, as capital market experts, we work on all asset classes, all risk profiles (development, value-add, core-plus and core) throughout the country, focusing on the top 30 MSAs in the United States. We have had the pleasure of working on multifamily, office, retail, senior housing, student housing, industrial, hospitality, medical office and resort projects just to name a few, across the risk spectrum.  Given our up front work talking with capital groups, we have quickly become the go-to group for Opportunity Zone capital raise.


While finding financing is a priority, understanding our clients and capital sources are entering a long-term relationship we appreciate and emphasize a culture fit is paramount to any capital raise.  




With our proactive capital outreach program, sourcing capital for Opportunity Zone deals comes naturally to us.  To date we have raised $150M in OZ equity with more in the term sheet phase. The results, we believe, really are proof of concept. Since we are constantly building or establishing new capital relationships, it is easy for us to ask a simple question - are Opp Zones a focus for you?  This has allowed us to unearth a broad spectrum of interested Opp Zone investors, again, outside the ‘usual suspects.’ Given what we believe to be the most extensive list of Opportunity Zone-interested investors (and growing), Cadence continues to seek out new OZ focused projects. 

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$15MM GP Equity - Denver, CO


$80MM Co-GP / LP Equity - Denver, CO

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Multi-Tenant Cash-Out Refinance


Acquisition Financing


While we produce arguably the best financing books in the industry, numbers and words on paper can be misconstrued. Moreover, lenders are constantly inundated with OMs - so how to climb to the top of the pile?  Cadence prides itself on always having a personal conversation with lenders prior to sending an offering. Simply stated we do not “blast.” By providing this personal touch, lenders have a sound understanding of the deal and the client’s hot buttons before even seeing the “ask.” Additionally, this allows us to highlight the positives and provide mitigants for the hurdles.  As a firm, we do not believe anyone is well served in concealing a deal’s potential challenges - we only seek commitments after full disclosure.  

Our unmatched knowledge of the capital markets and work ethic consistently produces results that exceed client expectations. Our deep relationships with domestic & international banks, pension funds, life companies, debt funds, CMBS lenders, and life companies ensures that we are providing the most competitive terms and reliable executions in the market.




Cadence’s Principals have over 25 years of investment sales experience and $3.1bn in transaction volume over 275+ deals. The Investment Sales platform grew out of our team’s expertise in the Medical Office space, and has grown organically into the office, multifamily, industrial, and hospitality sectors. Leveraging our capital markets knowledge and broad investor base, the Cadence team maintains a pulse on the true value of each asset class and market before agreeing to engage on a transaction. This allows us to accurately evaluate the property - creating significant value for our client and provides an investment opportunity worthy of an investors time. Moreover, our broad base of equity investors often will also invest for their own account, offering a broad, national reach of potential buyers.


Sale of a two-building Medical Office Building to a public REIT


Value-Add Medical Office Building Sale


Physician Owned Sale-Leaseback

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Value Add Medical Office Building Sale



Our Healthcare Real Estate Group (HREG), bolstered by our specialized Investment Sales platform, has long provided our full suite of Equity & Debt services with the addition of single-asset & portfolio dispositions for investors and developers across the capital spectrum. Leveraging our deep bench of capital relationships from the Equity vertical, our team works with health systems, physician groups, and independent doctors to monetize their real estate via sale-leaseback transactions as well as running developer selection processes. Our HREG understands the continuum of care and how real estate plays a role in helping providers serve their customers.